Will Having an IID Affect Your Ability to Drive for Work?

If you’re one of the many people for whom driving a car is an integral part of your job, getting a DUI can have an even more significant effect on your life than it otherwise would. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the consequences of pleading guilty or being convicted.

A number of DUI offenses require people to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in their vehicle(s) in order to get a restricted driver’s license. That may be the only way you’ll be able to drive legally for some time after a DUI.

When can an employer waive the IID restriction?

However, what if you drive a vehicle owned by your employer as part of your job? As long as it’s not a vehicle designed to hold over 15 passengers or any type of school vehicle, you may be able to waive the IID requirement on that employer-owned vehicle– but only with their approval.

Employers can complete a state form called an Ignition Interlock Employment Exemption Affidavit (DL-3805). On it, they give their permission for an employee to drive one of their vehicles, for work purposes only, without an IID. Note that if you own all or part of the company (and therefore the vehicle), you don’t qualify for this exemption.

If your employer is willing to sign this affidavit (which must be notarized), you need to have it on you at all times while driving, along with your restricted license. The form requires details about what days and times you will be driving the vehicle and in what area(s).

Don’t count on your employer’s willingness to do this

While some employers may be willing to allow an employee with an IID-restricted license to drive their vehicle(s) without an IID, it’s not something you should count on. There could be insurance and potential liability risks they may not want to take on.

Situations like this are just one reason it’s important not to take a DUI – even a first-time DUI – seriously. With legal guidance, you can better protect your rights and work to lessen the consequences on your life and job.

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