Practice Areas


Attorneys Alex Egner and Jonathan Chieppor have experience in landlord-tenant matters, leases, resolved disputes, negotiated outcomes, and held hearings before local judges to resolve landlord-tenant disputes. Jonathan and Alex have represented both landlords and tenants. They understand both sides of the argument and are in the position to assist you in settling or preventing a dispute from escalating.

Instead of printing a lease off the internet, set up an appointment with us today at Chieppor & Egner LLC so we can help you prevent future conflict with your potential renters.

As a tenant, you might have more rights than you are aware of; let us assist you in achieving your goal, whether it be to leave your apartment, have something fixed, or be made habitable. Set up a free consultation with us to ensure your rights are protected, and let us help you achieve your goals.

Employee-Employer Contracts

As a small business, you may run into an employee issue you’re not sure how to handle. Before deciding how to handle the issue, it may be prudent for you to speak with an attorney to ensure that whatever decision you make will achieve your goal without additional complications. Businesses are bound by vast and unique regulations, and avoidable or burdensome secondary effects can occur if you act without spelling to an attorney.

As an employee, you may have rights you are unaware of. Before signing that non-disclosure agreement or that noncompete clause, set up a consultation with our office to place you in the position and to help you understand what restrictions or effects will occur as a result.

If you’ve been terminated wrongly or treated inappropriately, come speak with us about what has occurred. Attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner have years of courtroom experience defending and supporting victims of horrible situations. We are prepared and would be proud to represent you if you have been a victim of workplace discrimination or wrongful termination.