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A Shoplifting Charge Can Have Life-Long Consequences

Many people think of shoplifting as a “victimless” crime, which is why it is so common. However, police investigate and prosecute shoplifting regularly, and anyone facing a shoplifting charge faces possibly long-term consequences.

At Chieppor & Egner LLC, we are attorneys who understand the stress of criminal charges. Whether you’re facing these charges yourself or helping a loved one, we have the experience and skill to help. As former prosecutors, we know how to build a defense that can take these charges head-on.

The Value Of Our Insight Into Retail Theft Charges

As former prosecutors, we have built up many cases on shoplifting across Pennsylvania. We understand that prosecutors often look at shoplifting as a bit of an easy win. They often have:

  • Video from store security
  • Witness statements from employees
  • Stolen goods found on the defendant

We understand how the state uses this evidence to the best of its ability, but that also means we understand where the weaknesses in these cases lie.

We can put pressure on the state’s case. We can force the prosecutors to spend additional time and resources pursuing you. In short, we can make it so that the “simple” win will be anything but.

The Importance Of Staying Silent

If you face arrest for shoplifting – or any charge – there is no better tool in your defense than silence. The police will use even simple statements against you. If you are the target of an intense investigation, your words are more dangerous than you could know.

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