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Don’t Let A Traffic Ticket Lead To Greater Problems

A number of traffic violations can result in a ticket. These incidents may seem minor, but they may come with major secondary consequences from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Points on your license or other negative effects may result in the suspension of your license or even jail time.

Hiring an experienced defense attorney is one of the best ways to protect your ability to drive, which is critical to your freedom, ability to work, and ability to support your family. Attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner both previously served in the Lancaster County district attorney’s office and have the courtroom experience to assist with these violations.

When Filing An Appeal Is The Next Best Move

In some rare incidents where you perhaps missed your court appointment, it may be appropriate for you to file an appeal of the summary outcome.

Attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner have handled hundreds of summary appeals and can ensure your rights are protected while helping you navigate all the possible outcomes.

When Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Is At Risk

Protecting your CDL is an important goal after you have been cited for speeding or another traffic offense. Some traffic violations could cause you to lose your CDL. Before risking your livelihood, call us so we can go over your options.

Our defense lawyers have handled hundreds of summary appeals and traffic violation cases. We have the experience and skill to help you avoid the secondary ramifications you might risk if you tried to resolve your traffic violation and protect your CDL on your own.

Don’t Just Pay The Fine Without Exploring Your Options

It can be tempting to just pay for your traffic ticket and hope it goes away. Sadly, it may continue to affect you, since paying it means pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. Request a consultation with one of our defense lawyers to learn about ways to resolve your situation in your favor.

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