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Protection from abuse (PFA) and personal protection orders (PPO) are legal tools used to provide safety and security for people facing threats or actual instances of abuse, stalking, or harassment. While these orders are crucial for protecting victims, they can have serious implications for the accused, including impacting their right to possess firearms, affecting child custody arrangements, and possibly even leading to criminal charges.

Understanding these orders and the legal mechanisms involved is important, and that’s where the team at Chieppor & Egner LLC can help.

The Nature of PFA Orders

In the state of Pennsylvania, PFA orders serve as a specific remedy for victims who find themselves at risk due to physical violence, sexual misconduct, threats, or harassment. These orders are particularly oriented towards providing safety from abusers who are related by blood, marriage, or have an intimate relationship history with the victim. In some cases, even sharing a child with the accused individual can provide enough legal standing to apply for a PFA. This makes PFA orders a valuable resource for those looking for immediate relief from dangerous familial or domestic situations.

Temporary PFA orders can be quickly obtained through an emergency petition, often without the accused being notified or present. This “ex parte” process is designed to provide immediate protection to those at high risk. However, for a PFA order to become final and extend beyond a temporary phase, a full court hearing is usually required. During this hearing, both parties can present evidence, and the accused gets an opportunity to defend themselves. The court then decides whether to issue a final PFA order, which can last up to three years and can be extended if necessary.

Implications for the Accused

To begin with, receiving a PFA can result in an immediate upheaval of your daily life. You may be required to leave your home, often with little to no time to make other living arrangements. This can be disorienting and result in emotional and financial hardship. Also, these orders can affect your reputation, potentially causing strain in your social circles and even jeopardizing your employment, particularly if your job involves security clearances or licensures that may be impacted by such orders.

Child custody and visitation are other critical areas that may be affected. A PFA order can have an immediate impact on custodial arrangements, often limiting or entirely suspending your ability to see your children. This can be emotionally devastating and complicate family dynamics in the long term. It can also set a precedent that may be hard to overcome in any future custody battles or legal disagreements related to family law.

The legal implications are equally severe. Violation of a PFA is a criminal offense. Non-compliance can lead to immediate arrest and criminal charges, which further complicate your legal standing and can result in fines, imprisonment, or both. These orders are enforceable across state lines, and even accidental violations can lead to serious repercussions.

For gun owners, the stakes are even higher. A PFA order can require the surrender of any firearms you possess, affecting not only your Second Amendment rights but also possibly your recreational activities, personal safety measures, or even professional standing if your employment involves handling firearms. Loss of firearms may also involve complicated legal processes to regain ownership, even after the PFA has been lifted or expired. Given the number of ways a PFA can affect your life, both immediately and in the long term, securing knowledgeable and experienced legal representation is your best option.

How Chieppor & Egner LLC Can Help

The level of experience that attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner bring to the table in dealing with matters relating to PFAs is valuable for anyone going through this challenging legal situation. With a unique background as former prosecutors in Lancaster County, both attorneys have an intimate understanding of the Pennsylvania legal system, giving them a strategic advantage that can greatly benefit their clients.

Our Approach to Your Case

From the moment you consult with us, we begin working to prepare a strong legal defense. Given the immediate and lasting implications of PFA orders, we perform an exhaustive review of all the facts, police reports, witness statements, and any other evidence that can be used to challenge the allegations against you. Our goal is to construct a compelling argument that questions the validity or necessity of the protection order, minimizing its impact on your life. Depending on the facts of your case, we may seek dismissal of the order or modifications that make it less restrictive.

Strategic Advisory Services

The advisory role we play is as important as our courtroom representation. Understanding that the legalities surrounding PFA orders can be confusing and stressful, we offer clear and actionable advice on how to comply with an existing order. Failure to abide by the terms can result in criminal charges, and we guide you to ensure that you don’t inadvertently breach the conditions set forth.

We’ll also walk you through the necessary legal steps if you wish to petition the court for modification or removal of the order. We’ll assist you in gathering evidence, whether it be character references or other forms of documentation, to strengthen your case for modification or dissolution of the order.

Our Unique Insights

What truly sets our legal services apart is the unique perspective we bring to the table, thanks to our time spent as prosecutors. We understand the strategies commonly used by the other side, which allows us to anticipate their moves and defend against them. This understanding allows us to approach your case with a dual perspective: protecting against the tactics that prosecutors may try to use while identifying opportunities for defense that others might overlook.

We are well-versed in the procedural formalities and legal standards applied in these kinds of cases. Our understanding of the Pennsylvania legal system means that we can tailor our strategy to align closely with the benchmarks and criteria used by judges and prosecutors when evaluating PFA cases.

When you trust your case to Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner, you’re getting a dedicated legal team committed to providing a full spectrum of services to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Through preparation, aggressive representation, and thoughtful advisory, we will put you in the best possible legal position, both immediately and for the long term.

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