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In his capacity as an Assistant District Attorney, Alex Egner handled every expungement matter in Lancaster County in his final two years in that office. Attorney Egner has advocated in expungement hearings and in written motions and has intimate knowledge of how expungements and limited access orders are processed in Lancaster County and Pennsylvania.

If your record has an old charge or if something embarrassing is preventing you from getting an apartment or employment, our attorneys can review your record and the law to see if you’re eligible to have it removed from your criminal record. In some cases, we can help you seek a pardon from the governor.

Alex Egner and Jonathan Chieppor have spent years working in the district attorney’s office; as prosecutors, they learned the inside of the court system. Both attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and are prepared to defend your rights and advocate for you before the Lancaster County court system.

Just because you won your case, didn’t plead guilty, or completed ARD doesn’t mean that your record is completely expunged. It’s possible these offenses are still on your record, affecting your employment housing, or even educational opportunities.