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Don’t Let Your Second Chance Through Probation Or Parole Escape You

Ideally, probation and parole can give you the relief that you need after being charged with a crime. If you reached an agreement with a prosecutor to be put on probation, you may have seen it as a way to avoid a jail sentence and work your way back to the life you enjoyed before your arrest. Or, being put on parole in the middle of a jail or prison sentence may have felt like a ticket back to freedom.

But now you or your loved one may have recently been accused of violating the terms of probation or parole. Your ray of hope is dimming fast. Our defense attorneys at Chieppor & Egner LLC have helped many past clients resolve their criminal cases, stay out of jail and find positive ways forward even in the face of such allegations.

Our Defense Attorneys Are Well-Qualified To Guide You Toward A Better Outcome

As former assistant district attorneys, Alex Egner and Jonathan Chieppor are aware of the types of sentences and resolutions that county probation and parole agents seek in such cases. Let us advocate on your behalf and speak to your agent. With our help, you may be able to reach an agreement as to a resolution prior to your violation hearing.

Did you allegedly fail to inform your probation or parole officer of your change of address? Did you miss a scheduled check-in? Did you neglect to complete mandatory community service or drug or alcohol treatment? Many alleged probation or parole violations may simply be technical violations that can be resolved by our attorneys without too much added stress in your life.

Get Back On The Right Way Forward

Call us today and let us get to work on your behalf after you have been charged with a probation or parole violation.

Reach our law offices at 717-393-1400 or send a quick email message to schedule a consultation with one of our defense attorneys.