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Rescue Your Future After Theft Charges

Theft crime cases are not only for old-fashioned bank robbers. Many ordinary people with no previous experience in the criminal justice system are faced with theft crime charges for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Temptations to shoplift that get out of hand
  • Impaired judgment and/or interpersonal problems leading to accusations of theft of personal property
  • Accusations of fraud, forgery, embezzlement and other white collar crimes defined as forms of theft
  • Auto theft situations involving rental cars, former friends’ cars, work vehicles and other unusual circumstances

Whatever the facts are that led to your arrest and/or charges for any variety of theft, you must not treat your case as a minor issue. The legal and practical consequences of retail thefts are cumulative so repeat offenses build on each other. Even for a first offense, and even if you do not go to jail, you need to treat a shoplifting case as a serious legal matter. Turn to Chieppor & Egner LLC for the quality representation you need after being accused of shoplifting or any type of theft.

Insist On A Strong Defense

For your own good, you must mount a strong defense to prevent harsh consequences, including:

  • Banishment from a shopping mall or store where you were accused of shoplifting
  • Jail time and/or fines
  • A criminal record
  • Risk to your professional license

With an attorney at Chieppor & Egner LLC on your side, you can count on a creative, strong defense. Attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner are both former prosecutors with years of experience on both sides of the court. Their deep knowledge of the Lancaster County criminal justice system can be an asset in your criminal case.

Turn Things Around Starting Now

Discover the best way forward after being charged with petty larceny or any theft offense.

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