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Defend Yourself From Criminal Charges And Protect Your Future

No one ever expects to have a medical emergency, but when it happens, we seek out the best medical doctors and treatments with the hope of healing and renewal. Likewise, no one ever expects to fall into legal troubles, but when it happens, a skilled defense attorney can help us navigate the criminal justice system and protect our freedoms.
At Chieppor & Egner LLC, our defense attorneys approach each criminal case from a position of strength, thanks to years of experience as prosecutors and defense attorneys. Attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Egner know the ins and outs of the Lancaster County courts. They know how to help people take charge of their lives after a criminal arrest.

What Were Your Charges, And What Is Your Best Way Forward?

Were you charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI)? We are equipped to help you tackle both aspects of your case aggressively and effectively:

  • Protecting your driving privileges
  • Defending yourself from criminal charges and potentially harsh consequences

Were you accused of possessing, manufacturing or distributing controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine or oxycodone without a prescription? The key to your defense may include getting started with drug dependency treatment before meeting with a prosecutor. We will help you explore all options such as this.

Were you implicated in shoplifting accusations, an auto theft scenario or a white collar theft case? We may help you avoid criminal charges altogether through a restitution agreement.

Has your probation or parole officer or agent claimed that you violated the terms of your agreement? We may prove that the allegations focus on a technicality and should be dismissed.

Has someone accused you of welfare fraud or COVID relief funds fraud? Don’t let any time go by before contacting a defense attorney. Our lawyers are former prosecutors with many ways to help people favorably resolve a wide range of criminal cases.

Pro Bono Representation And Sliding Scale Fees

Attorney fees can vary greatly, but attorneys Jonathan Chieppor and Alex Edner firmly believe in people’s right to access to an attorney no matter their financial situations. Your case might qualify for our reduced rate or one of the pro bono programs we participate in. We are happy to evaluate your situation and ensure that you have an opportunity to be legally represented. Come in for a free consultation, and we can discuss your case’s eligibility for our reduced rate program.

Referrals For Attorneys

We are proud to be part of a strong legal community in Lancaster County. If you have a client who needs legal services in south-central Pennsylvania, we may be able to become part of their legal team.

Schedule A Consultation Whether Your Case Seems Major Or Minor

Are you an alleged first-time offender who may qualify for the Alternative Resolution Disposition (ARD) program and avoid a criminal record? Do you need to appeal a conviction? Have you or has a loved one acquired new criminal charges while in prison?

Call us at 717-393-1400 or email us to arrange to discuss any criminal case, including a traffic violation, with one of our lawyers.