What Qualifies for Expungement in PA?

Having a criminal record in Pennsylvania can hold you back from job opportunities, housing, and other important aspects of life. This can be true even if the charges were dismissed or you were found not guilty. In many cases, however, it is possible to have your criminal record expunged, which can give you a clean slate. An experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can help determine whether you are eligible for an expungement and guide you through the process.


What Is Expungement?

In Pennsylvania, an expungement removes records of past criminal charges from law enforcement databases and public records. When a criminal record is expunged, it is essentially erased in the eyes of the law, allowing you to truthfully state that you have not been convicted of or arrested for that offense.

However, having your record expunged is not automatic, even if you were found not guilty or your charges were withdrawn. You must file a petition with the court requesting expungement. The expungement process is governed by Pennsylvania law, but practices can vary somewhat between counties. An expungement lawyer familiar with your local court system can ensure the petition is filed properly to prevent delays.


Who Is Eligible for Expungement?

You may be eligible to have your Pennsylvania criminal record expunged in the following circumstances:

  • Your charges were dismissed or withdrawn by the prosecution.
  • You were found not guilty by a judge or jury.
  • You successfully completed the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program.
  • You were convicted of a summary offense over five years ago and have not been arrested since.
  • You completed a diversion program for first-time drug offenders under Section 17 or 18.

Expungement gives people a second chance after criminal charges that did not result in conviction. By erasing these charges from your record, you may have access to better employment and housing prospects. A knowledgeable expungement attorney can assess your case and determine if you qualify.


How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

The legal process for criminal record expungement can be challenging. An experienced lawyer can handle your expungement petition from start to finish by:

  • Obtaining your records and determining eligibility
  • Ensuring the petition is accurately prepared
  • Filing the petition with the appropriate court
  • Representing you at the expungement hearing
  • Following up to confirm your record has been cleared

With so much at stake, working with a seasoned Pennsylvania expungement lawyer can optimize your chances of success.


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