What Is the Cost of a DUI?

With the cost of living rising, paying for a taxi home after a night out might seem too expensive. Depending on how far away you live, you could easily end up spending more on transport than you do on enjoying yourself.

Taxis are not cheap, but rather than asking if you can afford one, you should be asking can you afford not to?

DUI convictions can prove incredibly costly

The judge can order you to pay a fine if they convict you. Yet you must also consider the longer-term costs. For example:

Increased insurance

One study found the average insurance increase after a DUI was 37% in Pennsylvania. That will last for several years and will rise even further if you get another drunk driving conviction.

Loss of earnings

Attending a court hearing will require time off work. If the judge gives you a custodial sentence, that will mean days or weeks when you cannot bring in any money.

If your job requires you to drive, your employer may decide to terminate your contract, and even if you quickly find other work, you will lose a few days of earnings while searching. Besides, many employers will throw your application in the bin if they see you have a criminal record, which you will do if convicted of a DUI.

If you face a DUI, it is crucial to seek legal help immediately. The steps you take next could hinder or help your case. Investigating all defense options reduces the chance that the charge will result in a conviction that costs far more than the taxi you thought you could not afford.

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