Firearms Rights Restored

There are several reasons why someone loses their ability to purchase firearms in Pennsylvania:

  • A Protection from Abuse Order
  • Criminal Charges
  • An involuntary commitment under section 302

Any one of these could cause a loss of your firearm rights either federally or through the state of Pennsylvania.

However, these losses may only be temporary.

Contact us for a Free Consultation to review the record of your situation and determine if there is a path forward to restore your firearms rights.

The process can take several months and in some cases, years but many situations call for a similar path forward.

First, is the gathering of updated records and documentation. Then, a petition can be filed in county court in Pennsylvania. This filing triggers the Pennsylvania State Police and the District Attorney’s Office to determine their position on your petition for the restoration of your firearms rights. The final step is a hearing before a county judge to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for the relief you seek.

If the court rules in your favor after the hearing, your Pennsylvania firearms rights, and subsequently, your federal firearms rights are restored.

Having a knowledgeable attorney who can guide you through this process is essential to giving your petition the best possible chance of success in firearms rights being restored.

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