Fighting a DUI Could Save You Your Career

It’s hard to imagine the consequences of a DUI conviction and driving suspension until it happens.

One area you might not have thought about is how it will affect your ability to work. In part, it depends on what your job is and where you live.

If you work in a cafe that you can easily walk or get public transport to, then it’s less of a big deal. What, however, if the cafe you work at is out of town and not accessible by public transport? Or if you are the regional manager of the cafe chain? Are you still going to be able to visit all your sites, or will you have to cede your job to someone else?

It is not just your current job you need to worry about

Future roles you apply for could also be affected by a DUI conviction. After all, it comes with a criminal record. When employers carry out background checks on potential applicants, they will notice yours and may put your application in the pile marked “unsuitable.”

Some driving jobs will be out of the question

Maybe you planned to top up your retirement funds by driving a school bus for your local junior school or doing deliveries a few mornings a week. Both may be out of the question if you are convicted.

Some people worry that they cannot afford to contest a DUI charge. Yet when you look at the effect it could have on your ability to earn, the question you should be asking yourself is, can I afford not to?

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