Examples of Reasonable Suspicion in DUI Cases

Numerous accidents occur every year due to impaired driving. It is for this reason that tackling drunk driving is a top priority for law enforcement in Pennsylvania.

One method that law enforcement uses is traffic stops. They utilize these to conduct breathalyzer tests and field sobriety checks. That being said, the police cannot just pull you over for no reason. They need a reasonable suspicion that an offense has been committed. What does reasonable suspicion mean in the context of DUI cases?

Exceeding the speed limit

The state of Pennsylvania imposes various speed limits. In built-up areas, particularly school zones, the speed limit will be restricted to a low number. If you exceed this, then you will attract the attention of law enforcement and will likely be penalized. This may also give them the reasonable suspicion required to conduct further DUI investigations. Remember, driving excessively under the speed limit will also attract attention.

Erratic behavior behind the wheel

It can be frustrating to be stuck in traffic or caught behind a slow driver. Nonetheless, it’s important to remain patient and avoid any erratic maneuvers. Changing lanes quickly, accelerating, and braking suddenly can all put you on the radar of law enforcement and prompt a traffic stop.

A police stop has to be justified by reasonable suspicion. Any further DUI charges must also be backed up by probable cause. If you’re facing DUI charges and have issues with the stop then it will benefit you to seek experienced legal guidance. This can help you build a defense strategy to counter the charges and protect your license and your future.

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