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During your daily commute, you might come across a motorist being pulled over. To you, this might not appear like a major incident; however, to the motorist, the traffic ticket they were just handed significantly impacts them.
Motorists in Pennsylvania might view a speeding ticket like an inconvenience. While this is likely the case, it could be the cause of something major, such as a suspended license or even jail time.

Fighting a traffic violation

At Chieppor & Egner, we understand how a single traffic violation or a culmination of several could negatively and significantly impact you. Thus, our law firm works diligently to protect your right to drive. Our attorneys support clients by getting a full picture of the situation now and into the future; therefore, creating the best defense possible.
Because traffic violations are viewed at as minor, many will simply pay the fine associated with it so it can go away and be forgotten. Unfortunately, the impact of a traffic violation may not go away. By paying the fine, you are pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. This could carry with it more than just the fine experienced. As such, it is important to consider your options before paying a traffic ticket.

Defense options

Depending on your situation, one defense might be better than the other. When moving forward with a defense action, it is important to understand your end goal and the potential outcomes. Whether you seek to safeguard your driving privileges, protect your CDL, avoid jail time and other similar penalties, it is important to get a rational idea of the process and outcomes.
Taking action following a traffic violation could help you avoid negative outcomes that could impact you for an extended period of time. Whether it is a defensive action or an appeal, a legal professional can help you fully understand your rights and options beyond simply paying for the traffic violation.

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