Can You Do Anything You Want With Prescription Medication?

To get a prescription medication, you first have to go to the doctor. They will make a diagnosis and provide you with a prescription, which you then take to the pharmacy. For example, if you have surgery, a doctor may prescribe painkillers that you can go pick up.

Most people are very clear on the fact that it is illegal to buy these without a prescription. They know they have to go this route before they can obtain the medication that they need.

But once you’ve already made that purchase, does that mean that you now have the ability to do anything that you want with those products? After all, you bought them, and so they are now your property, which many people believe means that they have satisfied the controlled substances laws and can do anything that they want.

You still have to use the drugs properly

It’s important to note that this assumption is wrong. For example, you cannot sell those prescription pills to anyone else. You cannot even share them for free with someone that you know. You are the only person who is allowed to use them because you have the prescription. They may be your property, but that doesn’t allow you to do anything you would like with those pills. You could still face legal charges for drug distribution if you give them to someone else or make a sale under the table.

Naturally, many people will make this mistake accidentally. They will just give a few pills to a family member, for instance, believing that they’re just helping out someone they care about who needs the medication. But even that, with all the good intentions in the world, could be enough for criminal charges. Those who are facing serious drug charges must know about the defense options at their disposal.

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