Arrested for a DUI? What’s Next?

If the police arrest you on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), they will probably put you in a cell for a few hours or overnight. The uncertainty about what happens next can add to the already high stress of the situation.

Here is what you can expect:

You get let out of jail

You will need to apply for bail to do this. Getting an attorney to do this for you is best to ensure that the court does not set the bail too high.

You are officially charged in court

The process is called an arraignment. You go to court to hear the charges against you and have a date set for your hearing.

You have a chance to negotiate with the prosecution

Accepting a plea deal is not always the easy option that it seems. For a start, by admitting you are guilty of drunk driving, you guarantee yourself a criminal record. That will mean your insurance premiums rise considerably. It may also harm your chances of finding work for years, especially anything requiring driving.

You go to court

If you have not accepted a plea deal, you need your attorney to present your defense case. It may be you discovered errors in police procedure or wish to cast doubt on the validity of the breathalyzer. Alternatively, you might want to explain how you inadvertently ended up being over the limit and seek a lenient sentence.

If the police charge you with a DUI offense, remember that accurate legal information can lessen your concerns and help you form a defense argument that reduces the chance you return to jail or face other consequences.

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