3 Tips for Working With Your Parole Officer

Being put on parole in the middle of a sentence can be a relief. However, you should observe set conditions. Violating parole conditions can get you into trouble – you may return to jail. Thus, you should always make the right moves.

The following are three tips for working with your parole officer:

Keep track of meetings

Your parole officer will inform you of your meetings. It will help to keep track of them– you can set a reminder on your phone or ask your loved one to remind you. Missing meetings is a violation.

Ask questions

Being informed of the conditions to follow while on parole is crucial. However, some things you want to do may not have been mentioned; you may not know if they are a violation or not. When you are not sure, you should always ask your parole officer. It will be best to call with questions rather than guessing and end up violating your parole.

Build a positive relationship with your parole officer

Some people avoid dealing with their parole officer outside their authority scope. However, you should consider having a positive relationship with them. You can talk about general matters outside your charge after your meetings. Further, if anything comes up, perhaps you may be late for a meeting due to traffic, be comfortable to let them know.

Such a relationship can make your parole more manageable. In addition, your parole officer will provide the court with a report of their assessment. Their opinions about your behavior may encourage the court to end your parole sooner.

If you are accused of violating the terms of your parole, learning more about how the laws apply to your situation can help you defend yourself.

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