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Protection From Abuse Orders

Every Protection from Abuse Order (PFA) has two sides: one party seeks no contact while the other party is ordered not to contact. Whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant in a PFA matter, legal representation is essential and can be extremely beneficial to the outcome of your case.

A Protection from Abuse Order is a civil matter. However, violation of this no-contact order can result in criminal charges. There can be severe consequences for violating the PFA, including fines of up to $1,000 and/or spending up to six months in jail. These criminal charges, although related to the PFA, are handled as a separate matter. Again, any person involved in a PFA matter and facing criminal charges due to a violation should seek legal representation.

At Chieppor & Egner LLC, attorneys Alex Egner and Jonathan Chieppor spent years handling PFA order violations – the criminal charges mentioned previously – while working in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. Before joining our firm, attorney Victoria Carroll handled hundreds of PFAs while working with MidPenn Legal Services. All three attorneys understand that PFAs can further complicate a range of family law matters, including custody and divorce filings.

During their time at the district attorney’s office, attorneys Chieppor and Egner learned the ins and outs of the court system. Attorney Carroll was in PFA court every week over the past year. Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience handling Protection From Abuse Orders and are prepared to defend your rights and advocate for you before the Lancaster County Court system.


Custody disputes can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. It’s important to work with an attorney who knows the custody process and isn’t afraid to fight for you and your children. Our custody attorneys will thoroughly explain all aspects of your custody case and provide support every step of the way.

There is potential for custody to be a never-ending process. It may begin with an agreement, but as your children age and their needs evolve, so should your custody agreement. Let us help with all aspects of the custody process. Whether it be presenting your petition, filing your modification, requesting relocation, or any of the other necessities that come along with co-parenting – our firm is here to help.

Our attorneys are prepared to engage in strong negotiations on your behalf and when necessary, fight for you and your children at a hearing.


Divorce can be both a difficult and emotional process, one that shouldn’t be handled alone. Come in for a consultation and let one of our attorneys guide you through the process and explore your options. Let us defend your rights and ensure you have your chance at a fair resolution.

In Pennsylvania, there are a number of options when pursuing a divorce. In many instances, our clients determined that their marriage is irretrievably broken. No-fault divorces are common in Pennsylvania and may be the best avenue to take, depending on your individual circumstances. Let us help ease your concerns and walk you through the process. While some may attempt to end their marriage without the assistance of an attorney, common pitfalls can delay or even prevent you and your spouse from commencing and finalizing your divorce. Allow our attorneys to guide you through the divorce process efficiently and effectively to ensure your marriage ends quickly and without unnecessary costs.

By scheduling a consultation with our office, you will be informed of all your options when ensuing divorce. We will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of at-fault divorces, no-fault divorces (divorces filed under section 3301(c) and section 3301(d) of the divorce code), pre- and post-nuptial agreements, alimony and spousal support.